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iiConvergence is a Management Consulting Firm and here we serve Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which are underperforming in operations and sales.



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Our management consulting approach to business challenges is to map 4P’s – i.e. the plans, the people, the process and the practice, to help SMEs build operational capability, and develop competitive advantage as per optimizable standards.

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We are dedicated to the most reliable business performance solutions for SMEs across Industries

Business Analysis & Market Research

Scalability, Expansion, & Growth

To achieve scalability expansion and sales growth, we work with SMEs on market segmentation, product service expansion, sales channel optimization, customer relationship, market positioning and efficient resource allocation via streamlining processes and technology.

Cost Reduction & Profit Maximization

We work optimizing workflows, leveraging technology, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, SMEs can effectively navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities within their operational environment. Embracing organizational development and digitization further empowers SMEs to adapt to changing market demands and drive sustainable growth.

Underperforming in Operations and Sales? think iiConvergence!

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business optimization
business optimization

OPTIMIZATION – The Winning Strategy

Leading organizations across multiple industries attribute their success to systemic optimization while SMEs appear to fail in understanding optimization requirements at all.

Firstly it is the inability of an organization to effectively build and change operational capabilities to deliver in an ever disruptive world successfully and secondly the organizations are not agile enough to compete and adapt market change swiftly.

SMEs – the untold story

So how can SMEs be as good as a leading organization and be self-reliant in business optimization?

Our CTTO turnkey project consulting framework helps in business optimization which builds competitive advantage in terms of bringing operational capabilities, scalability and sales growth, further resulting in cost reduction and profit maximization.

– For SMEs across manufacturing and service Industries

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    Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often struggle with operational efficiency and sales performance, hindering their overall growth.

    To bring about remedial change, SMEs can benefit from adopting business optimization initiatives which includes but not limited to customer advocacy in the defined segment of the market for leadership, build real competitive advantage, and enacting informed decision making.

    Additionally, tailored financial resources, data analytics for forecasting, and mentoring programs for employees can further aid SMEs in enhancing their operations and sales performance, propelling them towards sustainable growth.


    • Agriculture & Allied Industries
    • Auto Components
    • Automobiles
    • Construction
    • Chemicals
    • Consumer Durables
    • Ecommerce
    • Education and Training
    • Electronics system design and manufacturing
    • Engineering and capital goods
    • Financial Services (NBFC)
    • FMCG
    • Gems and Jewellery
    • Healthcare
    • Infrastructure
    • IT, ITeS, & BPM
    • Manufacturing

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