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Being in business management consulting, We solve business problems in marketability, business operations and supply chain, technology implementation and organizational development through our “CTTO Turnkey Project Framework” for transformation & performance optimization.


We analyze on consumer behavior & loyalty, brand effectiveness, business capabilities, competitiveness, positioning, market opportunities, operations, technology, communication and branding, problem based functional, industry & corporate level disruptions.


We provide consulting on business strategy design, handling projects, process automation, digitization, optimizing productivity, improving operational efficiency, technology implementation, business transformation & expansion.


Through our CTTO Turnkey Project Framework, We outsource multi-channel marketing system development, PR & branding, performance management, business process innovation, digitization, operational efficiency management, and cultural change.



on consulting, training, technology and business process outsourcing services alike

Our approach to your business challenges is to map your business processes for industry standards and allocate existing and new resources for the optimum use. We help you innovate and automate your HR, marketing, production and business operations at the core.   


Consulting for Sales and Marketing


Today technology disruption is overlapping industries from unique identity to mix economy whereas a barrier to entry is shrinking at beneath while we are seeing new entrants pacing in from everywhere and defying unique industry standards. So keeping a close eye on selling is not a choice anymore.

Sales Over Marketing - Marketing Smart Turnkey Framework
Sales Over Marketing

Tremendous amount of data analysis, research work, personal experience, and expert observations suggest that whether an Enterprise is an startups or a major player in Enterprising across industries, It struggles to keep the pace of the business and swift change, While it is further challenged to establish consistency in business performance and revenue growth.

Although the struggle lies in many areas but it majorly includes the marketability of its products and services with persistence.

That is why, Marketing has always been a major decision area for the companies to budget, allocate and distribute the cost in business sourcing and create a strong brand around it.

But the complexity is immense and extensive research in this area indicates that multi-channel marketing approach produces about 2 times better results than traditional marketing. It further says that the companies having strong internal sales support generate 3 times better sales conversion

Our consultants at iiConvergence, have strong analytical abilities, tools, relevant experience, and business capabilities to solve your marketability challenges.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Transforming your business through MARKETING-SMART Consulting in which the broader deliverables are sales process assessment & mapping, market segmentation & territory mapping, marketing system development, engagement, performance and activity innovation, automation, analytics and process outsourcing.

Business Management Consulting

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


MSMEs of India
SMEs of India

Our research on micro small and medium enterprises (SMEs) indicates that it’s the cash flow management which is the worst affected area for any SMEs in India which is due to multiple reasons.

They are often troubled to manage the payment life cycles under severe competition, commodification of the products to poor negotiation capability that directly affect the future flow of business, missing consistency, inefficient overspending on pre-defined budgeting of marketing while trying to meet out the stipulated FY targets.

Delay in payable and receivables create information asymmetry in financial records and books of accounts which further complicate SMEs’ banking and finance positions.

The banks perceive these records as high-level risk and further demand enhanced collateral’s for financing despite high performance and proven business models.

Even though SMEs provides the highest rates of employment opportunities, and constitutes over 90% of the total enterprise in our economy, It is still adrift with the quality talent pool for their business. Neither It can afford to provide the higher compensation to the real talent, nor can they commit to the genuinely required infrastructure, career planning, and a growth path to retain them.

Due to which SMEs are prone to weaker market linkages, and at the time of demand disruption in the supply chain, their operations are further corrupted severely as their working capital is stuck in receivables and idle stocks.

Where as corporate leaders and MNCs are succeeding through Research and Development (R&D) activities, handling policies, procedures and process disruptions, while further taking proactive approach in innovative steps, accurately analyzing market trends and creating scalable and sustainable change.

SMEs struggle to understand these crucial trends of the market demand and economic disruption etc., on time and get stuck in it.

It further aggravates their problems in terms of poor unmarketable product design, poor quality control, and sub-standard compliance, further compelled to sell their products solely on prices, sometimes generates only single-digit or even negative margins on it.

Under such circumstance, SMEs play defensively and does not explore potential markets from different territories, fearing out of ill-liquid inventory and financial losses.

MSMEs are further choked in maintaining social legislated norms under the umbrella of environment protection, health, and hygiene, social compliance, fair taxation, cashless economy, etc. on the name of diversity and sustainability. These legislation are highly cost consuming, while constraint creating for small enterprises.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Transforming your business through SMEs – PACE & TRANSIT Consulting Programs in which the broader deliverables are feasibility analysis on industrial projects, developing operational efficiency, budgeting and financial risk assessment, marketability, scaling and business systematization through strategy design and innovation.

Business Management Consulting

Automation and Digitization


Strategic Initiatives and Data Analytics
Data Analytics

The companies which are unperturbed even while facing stiff technology disruption from all around, are playing through research based data analytics and strategy design.

They keep constant watch on business results which happens while catering to the specific niche of the market for its specific products and services.

The results include production capacity utilization, production cost, market consumption, forecasting trends, customer preferences, and competitive change.

All industry leaders across industries successfully deliver the targeted results with consistency because their decisions are based on the real time integrated data which is collected from different functional activities.

So analytics to be precise, has potential to transform industries in terms of developing new operational models, exploring new opportunities, structuring cost efficiency, expansion, altering capital allocation, help devising mechanism to enhance the productivity in the complete operation of the supply chain kind of decision making.

But there are challenges in data capturing and storage like the data is growing exponentially, further increasing complexity in terms of its diverse and ever-expanding source of collection due to which multiple applications are required to automatically capture store and analyze it.

Traditional data warehousing has already lost hope due to its higher cost constraints in terms of hardware and software expenses, even semi and unstructured data were difficult to handle. The further constraint is the changing nature of Technology applications, it’s still like updating, Which makes data management complicated.

Time constraints and lake of experienced manpower making business analytics a nightmare for many organizations.

The challenges mentioned above aggravates the situation of 90% organizations from organised to unorganized sectors alike, due to which they still capture the data separately, store, and finally analyze it manually.

Although technology is implemented but only there where it seems unavoidable and that to in isolation due to which the collected data won’t be as productive as to take crucial business decisions on its own.

But now the consumers can’t be ignored as they are accessing global markets through internet, which has empowered them further to choose from multiple choices based on recommendations and feedback of other consumers.

And companies whether small or big, can’t afford not to be proactive in their R&D activities for tracking the supply demand of their products, consumer’s changing behavior, market patterns, transaction preferences, purchasing habits etc., while timely evaluating decisions which directly or indirectly affect business productivity, persistence and profits.

Capturing operational data will also help build integrated view of the company to device future course of action in product and service design, supply chain management and process integration.

It will further help employees to interpret their performance requirements, and standardize customer interaction at large to build and sustain genuine customer loyalty.

The organizations will be compelled to shift their product and service offerings to new operational models, require identifying low cost structure opportunities etc. to boost productivity on informed decision making at the core.

The good news is, data analytics have grown from diagnostic level of analysis to predictive as well as prescriptive state of understanding, playing pivotal role in organization’s sustainability, profitability, and it’s future growth.

We are further involved in business process re-engineering and automation through AI-based SaaS (software as a service) applications. We are also involved in implementing ERP (enterprise resource planning software) and platform-based CRM, project management, e-learning, other membership, and e-commerce sites.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Transforming your business through ITMIGHTY Consulting Framework in which the broader deliverables are IT Consulting for automation and digitization of your business, decision-making data analytics, cloud computing, data migration and business process management softwares (BPMS)

Business Management Consulting


Human Resource - The Proven Key
HR – The Proven Key

What do you think is going to be the differentiating factor for companies to perform in extraordinary capacity? the so-called Technologies turning around things for one and all.

You can take up the example of functional automation, Data Analytics, new operational architecture, etc. whereas everything is getting Technology dependent.

Human is the only asset left with the organizations to become a real differentiating factor for scalability and consistent business results. Now it is up to the industry leaders to take a decision on what to adapt and how to use, this technological change at its optimum level so that it can be fully utilized and ripe the actual benefits of it.

HR in that sense is going to play a significant role in terms of creating True values for the consumers. Now which are raised to simultaneously understand the context in which it has to operate which can be as diverse as is the economic, social, technological, demographically, environmental, local as well as global levels.

HR strategies are becoming as crucial as the business strategies to regenerate profitable and competitive advantage in the industry. HR also ensures the performance management of the company while creating a strong binding amongst the employees through its engagement model and ensure customer loyalty.  

Organizational design and structure to be aligned, adjust and change along with changing business strategies and the decision making of the stakeholders for attaining the financial objectives, is a key delivery by the HR managers.

Instead of simply focusing on HR policies and procedures while taking care of employee welfare HR is now aggressively involved in HR automation.

Aligning competency level of employees through re-skill and up-skill is becoming critical seeing the industrial upheavals in day to day changing needs of working processes whether you choose supply chain, or customer relationship, etc., authorities based on data simulation and alternate delivery with feedback mechanisms for customized solutions, all needs fresh look on employee competency mapping and change.

Project-based Talent acquisition, and retention through succession planning are becoming the buzzword.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Transforming your business through ProvenKey framework in which the broader deliverables are performance management system (PMS) design, competency mapping, organizational development, organogram, HR analytics, training design, delivery, and cultural change.

Business Management Consulting


Information technology (IT) and IT enabled Services.
Integration business through technology

Today digital marketing is considered to be one of the most sought-after direct marketing tools for any business to attract the early adopters.

Across industries, it is a known fact that early adopters are crucial for their business which further creates influences for volume creation but when you look for it you find that the data which is in circulation on the internet in which millions of content is getting created daily, The authenticity and the originality of it in question.

Digital marketing if used prudently and consistently can become a very strong source to reach the markets worldwide. but to implement that it requires multiple sets of Technical skills and regularity in terms of approaches while developing the credibility on the basis of the original content creation.

Content marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, mobile application development, web application development, web analytics, and email marketing, etc. are some of the tools which are required to implement digital marketing strategy.

Through our strategic capabilities, along with the amalgamation of technical expertise of our tied-up technology partners, we are confident to deliver the world-class, agile, and lean technology implementation for your business to perform better.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Transforming your business through VirtueCritica framework in which the broader deliverables are E-business consulting, social media marketing (SMM), web-applications, mobile apps, learning management system (lms), online media ads, membership applications, content management system, content writing and instructional design.

Business Management Consulting