Serving SMEs for Optimization

Facing business performance problems? think iiConvergence! – Get Remedial Change

– We work with SMEs which are underperforming in operations and sales.
– We further work to build their capabilities for business performance optimization.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Our approach to business challenges is to map 4P’s – i.e. the planning, the processes, the people and the practices on operational capability, scalability, and competitive advantage, as per optimizable standards.    

– failing in business optimization? Question Us! –
Business Problem Assessment

Facing Business Problems?

think iiConvergence!

If your organization is struggling to bring in competitive advantage (like sales over marketing, scalability, and growth) or to build in operational capabilities (like operational excellence, organizational development, and automation), our assessment is for you.

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SMEs across multiple Manufacturing & Service Industries

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


research and development

Research and Analysis

for consumer experience, operations & sales

We at iiConvergence, work with our clients for market research and business problem solving analysis and produce remedial reports as optimum solution for management execution.



for competitive advantages, scalability, market expansion and growth

We at iiConvergence, work with SMEs to bring competitive advantages, scalability, market expansion, and growth for business optimization

EcoSystem Modeling

for operational excellence, organizational development and business automation

We at iiConvergence, work with SMEs to build operational effectiveness, cost reduction and profit maximization for business optimization.


Business Automation

enhance operations, productivity, and performance

Business automation is crucial to improve operational efficiency, reduce manual errors, and enable businesses to focus on strategic growth by streamlining and optimizing routine tasks and processes.

Digitization Of Business

enhance customer experience, relationship and decisions

Digitization enhance market communication, create an ease to connect customers in real time, help understand consumer behavior better and improve decision-making through analytics, and revolutionise collaboration in today’s digital era.

Failing in Optimization? Get Answers!

corporate profile

OPTIMIZATION – The Winning Strategy

Leading organisation, across multiple industries, attribute their success to systemic business optimization while 85% SMEs report failure due to lacking these capabilities.

How can SMEs be as good as a leading organization and be self-reliant in business optimization?

Our CTTO turnkey project consulting helps you build capabilities for business optimization which brings in operational excellence and builds in long-term competitive advantage, results in cost reduction and profit maximization.

– optimization for SMEs across Manufacturing and Service Industries

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    Business Problem Assessment

    Business Problem Assessment

    Avail Expert Recommendations for your current business problems here



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    Get business quickly organized and grow fast



    HR strategy, organogram, PMS and OD

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