HR Strategy for Organizational Development


– An HR strategy for organizational development

In the quest for companies to achieve unparalleled performance and resilience, even in the face of natural catastrophes and unforeseen shocks, the pivotal factor emerges as human resourcefulness. While this term resonates as a buzzword, its realization demands a profound commitment to organizational development.

Organizational development extends beyond the formulation of policies and procedures, although these elements are undeniably crucial. To truly harness talent, whether acquiring new personnel or retaining existing ones, companies must embed a comprehensive HR strategy aligned with overarching business objectives. This necessitates the establishment of a robust infrastructure for competency mapping and knowledge management, coupled with the creation of an effective work environment and a culture that fosters engagement, cohesion, and growth.

In the contemporary landscape, it is increasingly acknowledged that knowledge workers, pivotal in the information age, play a critical role in efficiently leveraging organizational resources. Despite this recognition of employees as the primary asset driving exceptional business results, organizations often grapple with challenges in realizing the full potential of human resourcefulness.

Examining current statistics sheds light on the prevalent HR challenges in today’s dynamic business environment…

  • 83% of 1,400 employers surveyed believe talent attraction and retention is a growing challenge (Allegis Group)
  • 80% cite applicant quality as main stumbling block in their talent strategy
  • 67% companies have undefined employee on-boarding practices
  • 57% employers are worried about worsening skill gaps
  • 94% give weightage to succession plan for employee engagement and their high-morale
  • 84% HR leaders agree on peer feedback, check-ins and frequent performance appraisal to have positive impact. (SHRM)

A discernible trend in high-performing companies is the efficacy of their talent attraction and retention strategies, manifested in the form of a notably low turnover rate. This not only fosters a high-engagement culture but also synergizes seamlessly with a well-structured hierarchy.

When augmented by a proven performance management system integrated with sophisticated HR analytics, these organizations are anticipated to yield earnings per share that are fourfold higher than their competitors. This underscores the pivotal role that strategic talent management, coupled with a robust performance infrastructure, plays in enhancing overall organizational performance and financial outcomes.

organizational development
organizational development

HR Strategy for Organizational Development

Organizational development (OD) is imperative for enhancing overall efficiency, involving the implementation of new strategies, processes, and structures.

It includes fostering employee engagement, collaboration, satisfaction, and productivity, while also emphasizing leadership development and continuous learning.

team building

Learning and Development

We conduct TNA, develop instructional design for employee’s training and provide customized training delivery for exceptional results. We inbuilt a system of feedback and behavioral change.

business process automation with analytics
business process automation with analytics

HR Technology and Analytics

HR policies and procedures need automation so that there are less human-biased inferences on the employee’s welfare schemes, incentivization, and performance appraisals.

Changes in working environment due to technology disruption is real and the employees desperately need reskilling and upskilling guidance while performing in their jobs at the optimal.

talent acquisition

Post Your Job!

Are you having job vacancies in your company? You can post your job requirements with us at our portal for free and get prospective profiles directly.

Enrollment for PBTA
Project based talent acquisition

Project Based Talent Acquisition – (PBTA)

Manpower in your organization is not a short term temporary arrangements.

Companies plan it with us through PBTA as a long-term talent acquisition and retention strategy.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


We at iiConvergence, work with SMEs which struggles in human resource management.

We deliver it through HR strategy for organizational development, establishing systematic approach to employee collaboration, engagement and productivity, nurture leadership along with new strategy, processes, and structures for effective change by our flagship CTTO turnkey framework called ProvenKey.

business optimization
business optimization
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