Startups-PACE consulting
Startups-PACE consulting



Marketing analytics
  • Identify the market demands for your company’s products and services
  • Analyze to understand consumer preferences and product-market fit 
  • Business case scenarios – (finance, cash flow management, and sales ROI) 
  • As-is and to-be (gap) analysis
  • Analysis of business model for execution
  • Secondary market research 


business optimization
  • Working together to develop an ecosystem for lean operational processes and structures 
  • Work together to plan “The Business Case” with present and future operational feasibility 
  • Consulting for TECH-PRODUCT design, prototyping, and development
  • Involvement in product (MVP) pilot testing
  • Provide guidance for Risk mitigation and cash-flow management


HR strategy for organizational development
  • HR retainer support (team requirement analysis, define roles, recruitment, and training)
  • Role based OJT under experts (Project based talent acquisition – PBTA with apprenticeship)
  • Performance management system (PMS) for employee productivity
  • Performance Reports, SOW administration, documentation, and KRAs to measure performance 
  • Quarterly performance review, rewards, recognition, and incentivization


fund raising and investment
  • Professional business plan report
  • Work together to develop “Investors Pitch Deck”
  • Do financial analysis, projections and budgeting requirements
  • Co-founders, investment, and ESOP option development
  • Help you to network with prospective investors and thoroughly prepare to deliver “fund raising presentations”, confidently

types of STARTUPS served

"Bootstrapped, self funded, solo businesses which are found by the people who are experienced in the field or passionate about it and are willing to run it at his own pace like tradings companies, small manufacturers or service providers across industries"
talent acquisition
small businesses
Tech & Non-Tech | across mfring & service industries
"Startups which are capable of expanding through franchise model or have customer usebase which can have snow-ball effects are scalable startups it can be a product as well as service based"
talent acquisition
Tech & Non-Tech | across mfring & service industries
"Social startups focusing on donation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and other social activities play a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges."
talent acquisition
Tech & Non-Tech | across mfring & service industries
"Technology based software products, Software as a service (SAAS) products", tech-products for digitization and automation like focused businesses which are meant to solve prolonged and typical problems across multiple industries"
talent acquisition
Tech & Non-Tech | across mfring & service industries
"Offshoot startups are innovative ventures that emerge from established organizations, harnessing their resources and knowledge to explore new opportunities"
talent acquisition
offshoot STARTUPS
Tech & Non-Tech | across mfring & service industries
startups assessment

for Startups Assessment

Share your business preparedness with us to avail our one on one startup assessment through experts which is without any upfront cost.

Frequently asked questions

The success ratio of the startups is very poor.

As per various expert research across multiple industries, it is found that around 80% startups shut down their businesses within 2 years and around 50% of the left outs will cess to exist within 5 years from their inception.

The key reasons identified for the startups failures are

  • No market requirements
  • Fail to attract enough customers in the market segment 
  • Higher customer acquisition and customer service cost
  • Lack of cash-flow management
  • Pre-matured or matured products / services being offered 
  • Lack of investment capital 
  • Poor marketing and promotional activities
  • Lack of industry knowledge and common practices
  • Defeated due to stiff competition

Although it is quite apparent that the startups failure is quite high but it is also a fact that the startups which are succeeding are doing somethings entirely different. 

Startups which are constantly working on understanding the typical entrepreneurial approach, exploring specific strategies fitting in their unique system of business, timely catering the market demands, work developing a lean organization while properly managing it’s cash-flow etc. bettering their chances of success and growing exponentially.

We provide consultation in four broad area of business where the big corporations belong… 

  1. Validate your market through consumer analysis 
  2. Operational consulting support for successful business model development
  3. Work with you to build a lean organizational approach
  4. Personalized coaching for leadership, team building and binding and entrepreneurial mindset.
  5. Preparing you for Fund raising to generate timely investments

iiConvergence is a management consulting firm which works with SMEs who are under-performing in operations and sales while aspiring for business performance optimization.

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