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MarketSmart is our flagship CTTO turnkey consulting framework for developing  “Sales over Marketing Strategy” for SMEs who are underperforming in sales management.

We also work for SMEs who aspire for scalability, market expansion, new opportunities and growth.

corporate profile - CTTO project turnkey framework.
CTTO turnkey framework


Today technology disruption is overlapping industries from unique identity to mix economy whereas a barrier to entry is shrinking at beneath.

New entrants pacing in from everywhere defying all industry standards. And that is why active selling is a must and not a choice anymore.

Marketability is an smart way to sale manifolds
Marketability – Proven ways to sale manifolds

Tremendous amount of data analysis, research work, personal experience, and expert observations suggest that whether a company is an startups or an SMEs or an Enterprise, It has to keep pace with the market disruption.

It includes ever changing consumer preferences, stiff competition, and economic upheavals.

Which require new product launch, relaunch of old products, strengthening of supply chain and value proposition for new as well as existing markets.

Marketing is a major decision area for the organizations to budget, allocate and distribute the cost for business sourcing while building a strong sales system around it.

But the complexity is immense and extensive marketing researches clearly indicate that.

What are the apparent sales challenges?

  • What Is The Go To Market Strategy For Achieving YOY Turnover targets Successfully?
  • How To Build A Consistent System For Accurate Sales Forecasting?
  • How to enable a multi-channel marketing system for competitive advantage?
  • How to integrate communication strategy which fits into your core Philosophy?
  • How to budget marketing activities and Maintain sales ROI? 
  • how to build and bind a sales team for exceptional results?
  • what is the value proposition for market differentiation?
  • How To Create A Long-Lasting Product Affiliation In Ever Fluctuating Customer Demand?

Although multi-channel marketing approach is considered to be producing about 4 times better sales results then any traditional marketing methods but it still has distinct sales strategy and active execution which varies from organization to organization.

Your marketing intelligence is still incomplete without talking about developing a sales growth team with a clear vision for it.

Our consultants at iiConvergence, are having strong analytical abilities, tools, relevant experience, and business capabilities to solve your marketability challenges from the scratch.  

Go to market strategy design

Go To Market Strategy Design

It will assess the market positioning of your products and services in your targeted consumers.

It will devise pricing, competency and multi-channel process strategy for sales over marketing implementation.

Multi channel marketing strategy

Multi-Channel Marketing With Sales ROI

It will assess the effectiveness and integration of in-bound and out-bound sales over marketing activities and technology enablers.

And it will activate an integrated approach for multi-channel marketing which has the potential to generate 3 times better sales compare to traditional approaches.


Distribution channel development

Distribution channel development involves creating and managing a network of intermediaries and partners who help bring a product or service to the end customer, with the goal of increasing sales and maximizing efficiency.

franchisee development and scaling

Franchisee development

Consultation for franchisee development involves providing guidance and support to businesses looking to establish and grow their franchise network.

This can include services such as market research, franchisee operations, training and support, and ongoing franchise management.