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Today technology disruption is overlapping industries from unique identity to mix economy whereas a barrier to entry is shrinking at beneath while we are seeing new entrants pacing in from everywhere and defying unique industry standards. So to keeping a closed eye on active selling is not a choice anymore.

Marketability is an smart way to sale manifolds
Marketability – Proven ways to sale manifolds

Tremendous amount of data analysis, research work, personal experience, and expert observations suggest that whether an Enterprise is an startups or an SMEs, or a major player as an enterprise, It struggles to keep the pace of the business under stiff competition while unable to change swiftly even the customer’s preference change. It is further challenged to establish consistency in sales performance due to either nothing or an unstandardized go to market strategy in place.

Although the struggle lies in many work areas but businesses are majorly affected due to the marketability of the companies with persistence.

That is why, Marketing has always been a major decision area for the companies to budget, allocate and distribute the cost in business sourcing while creating a strong sales force around it. But the complexity is immense and extensive research in this area indicates it.

What are the apparent challenges?

  • How to create a long-lasting Product Affiliation for customer preference ?
  • How to enable marketing with customer-centricity and Marketing rOI ?
  • How to integrate multi-channel marketing and sales into an agile system ?
  •  How to build impact and market visibility for active sales ?
  • how to develop a proven go to market strategy for optimal sales results ?

Although multi-channel marketing approach produces about 4 times better sales results than any traditional marketing methods.

It is further observed that companies which are having strong internal sales influencers they generate almost 3 times better sales conversion across industries.

Our consultants at iiConvergence, are having strong analytical abilities, tools, relevant experience, and business capabilities to solve your marketability challenges. 

CTTO Turnkey Framework


CTTO turnkey framework “MarketingSmart” is an strategic and innovative framework for SMEs who are underperforming in sales while aspiring for a proven go to market strategy to implement it.

We work with you to develop a sales performance system over marketing, establish multi-channel marketing activities, upskill and reskill sales work force to build a proven sales network to achieve YOY sales targets.

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