iiConvergence is a consulting firm for business performance optimization.

We at iiConvergence work with SMEs who are underperforming in operations and sales.

In the business consultation process, we do the work on 4P’s, i.e. projects, people, processes and plans of your business while keeping you abreast with the change in the current business environment for optimal business gain.

Our engagement model is a replica of the same prerequisite proactive approach called bridging, which requires indulgence through the latest strategies of performance evaluation and establishment of newly formed business models which require sustainability in the long term and to be profitable at the core.

Our Vision

“In our utmost capability and expertise, we always aim at helping you improve your business performance, business processes, and business profitability efficiently, effectively, and consistently”.

– iiConvergence

Our Mission

“We deliver business optimization through strategy design, process innovation, capability building, and technology integration.”

Our bridging model of engagement provides research, assessment, and consulting at the core, and deliver change through actionable change through innovation and integration and process outsourcing to turn your business into an efficient system of optimal performance. 


Our CTTO project turnkey framework is a process driven approach to business transformation. Our team of domain experts assist you to design a winning strategy for your business while considering and building upon your core business competencies.


We use this framework for all our project consultation across multiple industries.

  • Conceptualize
  • Test
  • Transform
  • Optimize

Problem assessments and business process audits are our forte to clearly define what the problems are, we hypothesize on it thereafter, to test our assumptions and implement what lies in it to transform your business processes for optimizing it’s performance as a whole.


iiConvergence has a unique collaboration of all young, dynamic, and domain expert team with hands-on industrial exposure in assessing consumer behaviour, business operations and technology enabled services, so to claim for keeping expertise on identifying, analyzing and building core competency with distinction.

We further involve research and development team to keep abreast with the sophisticated business environment of change.