Why selling is not a choice?

selling is not a choice - socialising

Socializing is something which never occurred to me more than an enjoyment with like-minded people, being together at a serene place.

Personal relaxation at weekends after the tight working schedules, ensure the refreshment so that you get well prepared again for any overwhelming work from the coming Monday to at least for a week.

Although contribution is still the game cost of being together yet without any objective sense. And when we meet it is such a delight that we just live the present to the fullest.

Generally the discussions start with How great …?, When we met the last time…?, Why should not we celebrate?, Where had I been in between …?, The task in hand…? Such a nice place it is to…? and Such a fun it was when…? etc.

But it has never occurred to me, when these discussions turn into how i can…?, the actual planning is not…, His decision may change to…, The next thing which i am looking forward to is…, If we come together…., That new set of…, I am gonna…, It never turned out to be…, bet on it that …, I am so get into negative sometimes…., How can you fix…?, My touring is …, I am fed up with …, You take my promise…, or Lets work it out tomorrow… etc.

Look how future oriented we are and why shouldn’t we be?

After all, our evolution is because of being an aspirant for the betterment of human life, although we forget that the design thinking is nothing more than our own prerogative to attain what is lying in our wish basket.

That is why knowing consciously how to sell is not a choice, but it is a must actually, if only you are willing to fulfill all your wishes in life.

And it is when life is blindfolded and never seen a second chance.

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Happy Selling…

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