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talent acquisition

The better ways for the talent acquisition

The companies are struggling and are increasingly concerned with

  • How to get the right candidate, for the right post, at the right time

  • How to minimize the recruitment and retention cost and

  • How to reduce uncalled for attrition due to productivity issues

80% of SMEs across multiple industries, miss their YOY financial targets due to failures attributing to manpower management.

Are you having URGENT vacancies to fill? Are you facing the TALENT ACQUISITION PROBLEMS? And Are you looking for the ways to REMEDIED IT?


1. Register for drive

2. Share your vacancies

3. Access talent pools


Candidate's Profile

Company once registered with industrial drive, you as an HR, will get access to all the prospective candidate’s profile for the interviews. We make sure that you don’t slog in scrutinizing them.

We will provide support in 

  • The pre-interview scruitany 
  • Sharing profiles of the prospective candidates in advance

Mode of Inteviews

Before walk-ins for the HR round of interviews, candidates are thoroughly scrutinized on prerequisites, job description and further checked on soft-skills while it is provided in a  bench-marked candidate’s profile report before lining them up for the interview rounds.

  • Technical / Non-technical rounds 
  • Online / offline interview modes as per HR choice
  • Advanced / prior schedule for HR interview rounds

After Interview Support

Once the candidate is selected, we will be engaged in after selection procedures, candidate ref.-checks for authentication, and help in smooth onboarding.  

  • After the interview feedback
  • Reference check for authentication
  • Ensure smooth onboarding process of the selected candidates

Current Industrial Job-Drive - "IT Technical"


Job profiles are mentioned below which is according to the quality, experience, and interest of the candidates for the specific job description (JD).

It can slightly vary from company to company so you do your sortings accordingly. 

- Data Science, big data, AI, and data analytics

- Digital marketing, SMM, SEO, sales and bidder profile

- UX & UI graphic design, prototyping and architectural design for project flow

-Software coding, web / mobile apps development, and quality assurance

- Hardware networking, cyber securities and compliance

- Head hunting for project manager, product manager, and senior profile


    Are you willing to develop your own EcoSystem for talent acquisition? – See the details of our “Project based talent acquisition” benefits below.

    Project Based Talent Acquisition

    project based talent acquisition


    Human resourcefulness is one of the key differentiating factors for companies to performance better in the ever increasing competitive market place. 

    to acquire talent it is quite imperative to have proper planning and designing of a system in place so that it actually attracts the real talent from the inside and the outside of the firms. 

    we work with you in a project environment as an external consultants to ensure that a proper system is in place to deliver the expectations of human resources in time-bound fashion.   

    we have designed the project based talent acquisition planning into four distinct processes. 

    1. assess and design a system to attract talent towards us. 
    2. The second process is to do competency mapping for talent acquisition 
    3. We inculcate standardized on-boarding practices to smooth transition
    4. Build in an induction as a long-term retention strategy 

    Although Project based talent acquisition planning is a permanent solution to your day to day human resource management problems and staffing. 

    we do have talent pool in our armor to cater your immediate vacancies to fill in an stipulated time. As we have collaborators and partners dedicated for this only. 

    Yet it is still not a long term strategy to establish your company for smooth talent acquisition and retention. 

    So your simultaneously planning to build a system around for talent acquisition, will save you from many staffing pains in the future.  

    There are some upfront and variable consultation charges which are depending on the staffing reports we generate after assessing the project requirements for the same. 

    For filling the job vacancies for you, we charge consultancy fee as per industry standards. 

    Project based talent acquisition planning is a long term system-oriented solution to your day to day staffing challenges. 

    That is why we can confidently commit to your company’s succession planning with smooth transition. 

    Are you facing problems while managing your H resources? We can work together through our framework called ProvenKey in which we broadly deliver project based talent acquisition strategy, performance management system (PMS) design, competency mapping, organizational development, organogram, HR analytics, L&D platform, automation, and cultural change.

    visit here for more details

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