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requiring innovation and strategic initiatives

Research indicates that 80% Institutions in the Education Industry are struggling due to the crowded market place, along with, very few differentiating parameters for competitive advantage.

And many of the competitive advantages of the past are redundant in the present now. 

The abrupt customer decisions due to frequent and unpredictable economic, demographic, social and cultural changes happening around along with technology disruption in learning delivery, change in skill demands of the market, and still being dependent on repetitive, traditional, untested business models of the past are also mounting pressure on business.

Which is apparently affecting the revenues, margins, capital budgeting, and allocation of resources which now need entirely new strategic mirrors to truly visualize the future again.  

And how can anybody forget the natural shock in the form of covid-19 pandemic? which is an extreme thorn in the flesh.

Time is ripe now, Shouldn’t you think about adapting overall operational makeover? 

The mentioned above changes are not temporary but it is here to stay. 

But if you don’t adapt to change today, it will be difficult to cope and survive in near future.

What are the apparent challenges?

  • How to build unique capabilities to create market attention ?
  • How to design strategy for getting renewed competitive advantage ?
  • How to implement Structural change in business disruption ?
  • How to collaboration with industries for the excellent academic outcome ?
  •  How to build upskilling facilities and engage the team effectively ?

Keeping the current challenges in mind, we have developed our flagship programme called EcoSystem Model Cell, for the universities, colleges, and professional institutions, through which we will work with you to overcome market disruption, develop competitive advantages and quickly adapt to the responsive change.


Only thoroughly reassessing capabilities, designing new strategies and delivering change through structural implementation processes and collaboration, one can hope to overcome this difficult situation now.

What do we do?

“In our utmost capability and expertise, we always aim at helping you improve your business performance, business processes, and business profitability efficiently and consistently”.

We deliver it through innovation, dedication, integrity and teamwork.


EcoSystem Model Cell is our flagship program, aimed at reputation management and knowledge enrichment strategy, consulting and implementation. Select & request for customized proposal here

Are you venturing in Education Business Project?




Project Feasibility Analysis, strategic planning and process system development, competition and consumer analysis, cost | manpower | skills | gaps assessment, scheduling and budgeting , sales ROI, project reports and monitoring, recommendations, and project finance etc.


Architectural design, empanelment of suppliers, resource purchase and utilization, stores and facility management, phase-wise Infrastructure design and development, purchases, receivable, payables and Investment Management.


Develop administrative processes, operational documentations, digitization and process automation via technology, recruitment of administrative, and teaching staff, training and social connect programs for initial market positioning.

Legalities, Affiliation, and Accreditation Support via Third Party*

Why choose us?

Being consistently involved in R&D across industries, in iiConvergence, we understand your business pain from budgeting to business operations, from office management to business IT automation, from turnkey project to new product/service launch, from human resource deployment to net productivity challenges, from margins to sales volumes of your business and from shareholders capital to business market share penetration.

That is why, iiConvergence serve through researched, benchmarked and Validated Consulting, Training, Outsourcing and Technology practices with a sole vision of optimizing business performance.


EcoSystem Model Cell is our flagship program, aimed at reputation management and knowledge enrichment strategy, consulting and implementation. Select & request for customized proposal here