– An HR strategy for organizational development

What do you think is going to be the differentiating factor for companies to perform at extraordinary pace with extraordinary results? even under natural catastrophe and shock?

Yes! you are right, the buzzword is human resourcefulness but it is also a fact that the companies who want to be resourceful with talent while acquiring new or retaining the old ones, require organizational development at the core.

Now organizational development not only include policies and procedures which are definitely important but also a proper HR strategy complementing business goals, an infrastructure for competency mapping and knowledge management in use, along with an effective work environment and an engaging culture for binding and grow together.

Although It is becoming a known fact that the knowledge workers of the today’s information age are one of the most critical driving force behind utilizing organizational resources efficiently.

And although employees are recognized as the only true asset with the organizations to exceptional business results yet organizations are struggling in many counts for human resourcefulness.

It has been observed that company’s which are having better talent attraction and retention strategy which is indicative through low turnover rate. It further result in high-engagement culture, complementing hierarchy, while having a proven performance management system with HR analytics in place, is expected to have earnings per share 4 times more than their competitors.

But let us look at some of the statistics on the key HR challenges in the current scenario…

  • 83% of 1,400 employers surveyed believe talent attraction and retention is a growing challenge (Allegis Group)
  • 80% cite applicant quality as main stumbling block in their talent strategy
  • 67% companies have undefined employee on-boarding practices
  • 57% employers are worried about worsening skill gaps
  • 94% give weightage to succession plan for employee engagement and their high-morale
  • 84% HR leaders agree on peer feedback, check-ins and frequent performance appraisal to have positive impact. (SHRM)

HR strategies are now becoming as crucial as the business strategies of an organization which will have direct impact on regenerating competitive advantage in the given Industry. Employee engagement management and their performances has the direct link to not only the profitability of the organization but also to attain the optimal level customer loyalty.

Organizational design and structure are to be aligned, adjusted and changed along with changing business requirements while meeting the expectations of all the stakeholders.

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Are you willing to attract right talents for the current job openings in your company?

HR policies and procedures need automation so that there are less human biased inferences on the employee’s welfare schemes, incentivization, and performance appraisals.

Changes in working environment due to technology disruption is real and the employees desperately need reskilling and upskilling guidance while performing in their jobs at the optimal that is why organizations are now giving a fresh look on employee’s competency mapping.

So even the human resourcefulness is becoming a complex process for any organization and the most competitive one are adopting project-based talent acquisition planning and their talent retention through succession planning.

Now If an organization has to achieve its business goals, how efficiently they are maintaining their resourcefulness? will be the key highlight.

CTTO Turnkey Framework


Are you facing problems while managing your H resources? We can work together through our framework called ProvenKey in which we broadly deliver project based talent acquisition strategy, performance management system (PMS) design, competency mapping, organizational development, organogram, HR analytics, L&D platform, automation, and cultural change.

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